Our new 10KW Water cooled Diesel Generator project.

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This web page will contain my progress(or lack of) building a 10KW water cooled diesel generator.
I have bought a Changfa 22+ HP German designed,China built diesel and 10KW ST style Genhead.
I intend to direct drive the 1800 RPM genhead with a drive system from George at http://utterpower.com/

During several recent hurricanes there was a gas shortage,due to south Floridians evacuating and returning
through my area. These gas shortages lasted for almost a week each time.There was plenty of diesel in
the stations left.

Diesel fuel has twice the energy content of gasoline allowing for less fuel usage.

Hurricanes(my most realistic need for temp power) happen in the summer and a 5kw gas generator
will not power my Central AC(yes we also have a window AC unit if needed).I hope that the large
flywheel will start my AC motor.Many think that AC is a luxury,but after a hurricane there is much
work to be done around the farm and the heat will zap you quick.

The Motor,genhead,frame,fuel and water will weigh close to 1000lbs.

11/29/2004 My castors arrived from Northern Tool.
           I picked up a cheap dial indicator at Harbor freight to center the direct drive.

11/30/2004 I picked up my steel order.

12/03/2004 I started working on the frame.

12/04/2004 I need to weld some more,but the frame is rolling.
           I will create thumbnails(to speed page loading) for the old images soon.

12/10/2004 My direct drive assy arrived from Utterpower.com. It is a high quality piece.

12/12/2004 I have installed the direct drive and still need to center it.It has about 0.010
           I have welded the genhead angle brackets and need to locate and drill the holes
           for it.

12/17/2004 The beast comes alive ! I ran the generator for the first time today.
           I had about a 3.5kw load on it(used a 'kill a watt' meter) and it did not know 
           it was there.
           I will tear it down(again) and paint the frame over christmas.
12/23/2004 Will the rain never quit ? I am waiting for the rain to stop so that I can paint
           the frame and start work on the electrical system and/or muffler.

12/27/2004 The Rain stopped long enough to get the frame primed.
12/30/2005 I was finally able to paint the frame today.
           Because of working in the garden(AH living in Fla in December) and repairing the
           tractor I will let the paint dry until next year(a couple of days).

01/14/2005 I recently reinstalled the motor and genhead on the frame.
           The generator is able to supply power. I am currently thinking/working on
           the things needed for unattended operation and connecting it to the house.
           I am waiting to fully test the genset after I finish the monitor system.

02/07/2005 The microcontroller work is going well.
           I ordered 2 temperature and 1 oil pressure sending units today.(thanks for the
           link Bob).
            Temp and oil pressure sending units.

03/13/2005 I installed battery cables to use the electric starter. When I get everything built and
           mounted I will install a key ignition switch.
           I finally found time to mount my oil pressure sending unit. After starting the Changfa
           I used an ohm meter(controller is still under developement) and was reading 125 ohms.
           I had previously characterized my oil pressure sending unit using my air compressor and
           regulator. 125 ohms was equal to a lot of oil pressure. I removed the sending unit and
           hooked it to the air compressor again. 125 ohms ~ 90PSI. I sent a couple of e-mails and
           the consensus is that the Changfa builds a lot of oil pressure.
Mechanical things left to do.
           1. I intend to add a alternator,but I will wait to install it.

Electrical things left to do.
           Haven't started yet.
           1. I intend to make a engine monitor for over temperature,over speed,under speed,low oil 
              level,low oil pressure and use a solenoid to shut the fuel valve off.

Link to My Microchip control page.

Link to generator monitor/protection idea.

If you know of anyone running a changfa 1115 on Biodiesel please contact me.
I have made several test batches of biodiesel,but do not want to run this motor on it until
I know for sure if the fuel system will not be damaged.

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Link to my Biodiesel project

Link to Utterpower.com (Probably the best DIY power generating web site on the net)